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It was the bus and then the Metro to start the day and meet up in Sunderland. It was cold and sunny to start, but it looked like a great day as we wandered for breakfast at The Lambton Worm, passing the Sunderland Empire on route.

Sunderland Empire Theatre_1

The Lambton Worm Sunderland_1

We set off and entered Barnes Park’ a lovely renovated piece of greenery in the city and walked past lakes, trees and an Edwardian bandstand. Time for refreshments in ‘The Barnes’, now a Toby Carvery with one of the party sampling the Yorkshire pudding and baguette combo on a giant plate – enough to feed an army! There were real ales and I sampled a Black Sheep to start the day.

Barnes Park_1Start of the walk_1Edwardian Bandstand Barnes Park_1 There was now a gentle climb up a green corridor out of the city and leading us towards our destination of Penshaw Monument.

The green corridor Barnes burn_1

This was thirsty work and we pulled into The Stackyard pub, which served a delicious pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord. Leaving here there was more steady climbing until our goal was in sight.

First sighting_1Penshaw Monument was looking good in this bright light and as we got closer we could see more and more detail and the nearby lake.

Penshaw Monument in sight_1

Penshaw Monument_1

Penshaw Monument1_1

We all gathered to the south at a modern folly closely resembling Stonehenge, but did not climb to the to just yet.

Ready to climb_1

It was time to sample the ales in the pretty village pub nearby, surprisingly called ‘The Monument’. It seems that Taylors Landlord is popular around here, which meant I was forced to sample another just to see if it was as good as the last pub and I assure you it was!

The  Monument Pub_1

Now it truly was a case of onwards and upwards! The climb up to the monument itself. I will let the pictures tell the story.

The climb up_1

The climb up2_1

On our way_1

There she is_1

Monument through the trees_1

Finally we were all at the top. Personally when I first came to the North East in 1971, I remember seeing this and on many other occasions, but had never actually walked to the top. Left it a bit late, but got there in the end.

All of us at the top_1

Finally here are some views from the top of Penshaw Monument.

View from the top3_1

View from the top2_1

View from the top_1

Take care everyone and see you all again in the near future hopefully.


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Retired early and making the best of it. I like walking, photography and wildlife. I am also interested in local history and beer drinking.
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