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We met at the Quayside bar on what turned out to be a breezy, but mostly sunny day. The bar is opposite the Cooperage, one of the oldest buildings in Newcastle.
The Cooperage_1
After a hearty breakfast we gathered on the Quayside to start our walk.
Ready to start the walk_1
It was a lovely morning and enjoy the views as we walked along the Quayside out of Newcastle.
High Level bridge_1

Pitcher and Piano_1


The Baltic_1

The Old fish market_1

Tyne Bridge_1
A short detour took us up to the new Wetherspoon’s in Byker where some of us had breakfast, or a refreshing drink.
Eventually we carried on walking dropping to St Peter’s Basin and the Marina where I noticed a sunken barge and an unusual office.
Old Barge_1

St Peter's Basin_1
After a refreshment stop we carried on along the Tyne and familiar sights soon materialised reminding us of the ship building industry on the Tyne.
Crane Wallsend_1

Swan Hunter_1

Not all has been lost though, as there were other activities that had sprung up along the river, most impressive was the construction of a new oil rig – on its side so as it could be floated out of the Tyne.
Oil Rig construction_1

Oil Rig_1

Final stop was at ‘The Albion’ a Victorian pub that had managed to survive the changes along the river. Most impressive inside was the wooden part of the bar, which can be seen in the interior photograph.
Inside the Albion_1

The Albion_1

At last we could see North Shields and we made our way to have our evening meal and disperse for home. No ‘Fog on the Tyne’ today!


About chaddersatlarge

Retired early and making the best of it. I like walking, photography and wildlife. I am also interested in local history and beer drinking.
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  1. borderslynn says:

    Really enjoyed this. Seeing blue skies as a backdrop makes a difference. Grey skies dominate here but currently fierce gales and lashing rain. A stroll with you on Tyneside cheered me up no end!


    Sent from my iPod

  2. Thanks Lynn – I still do not know either how to make the inserted picture bigger or to change the boring white background and my pictures do not show until I publish – they are just a mass of gobbledygook before that. I need another blog site really!

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