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The walk began in the village of Gilling West and there is ample parking near the church. The walk at first is through fields and meadows that were richly covered with buttercup and clover. There were fields of yellow Rapeseed too. Eventually we got nice views of Hartforth Hall. Passing the hall we arrived at Whashton Bridge and carried on through meadows and fields. Is has been a nice month and unlike last year, we have had a proper mix of rain and warm sun, so everything was green with striking displays of flowers.

Oilseed Rape3_1

Start of the walk1_1

Start of the walk2_1

Hartforth Hall4_1
Jagger Bridge5_1

Eventually the ruins of Ravensworth Castle came into view. Unusually it was on low ground and near a marsh.

Ravensworth Castle6_1

Ravensworth Castle7_1

The village of Ravensworth is very pretty with a nice pub and village green. It also has a famous resident in the shape of Ian Botham, who we glimpsed loading Lidl bags from his 4X4. Here Richard met another friend and this happens now on nearly every walk. There is something about cats and Richard, but he does not even have one of his own.

Richard and friend8_1

We left Ravensworth, with further views of the castle and now headed up to the village of Kirby Hill. It was quite a climb, but worth it as there is another delightful village at the top with lots to explore and a church dedicated to St Peter and St Felix.
Climb to Kirby Hill10_1

There was one cottage with the smallest windows I have ever seen. The churchyard was very well kept and there were lots of Yew trees planted.
Church Kirby Hil12_1

Churchyard and cottage15_1

Churchyard Yews Kirby Hil14_1

Cottage windows Kirby Hil13_1

Leaving Kirby Hill we headed down now to the village of Whashton and then through an old ford.
The Ford16_1
Eventually we were back at our starting point, but had a few minutes to look at the old church of St Agatha’s and its early nave.
St Agatha's17_1
A wonderful walk in high summer with meadows, history, ancient churches and lovely villages.


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  1. borderslynn says:

    Always good to appreciate enjoyable walks around Britain with Chadders.

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