Sunderland to Seaham

A great day for a walk and we all me at Park Lane Metro station and walked through the leafy suburb of Ashbrook. It seemed like summer was here, with temperatures at least 8 deg, but after the weather this March was like tropicana!


There were also some nice Victorian churches.

Ashbook Church

Our ifrst por of call for a ‘coffee’ was the Rosedene and here we all are suitably refreshed!

The Rosedene

We now headed out to the Tunstall Hills. These were remnants of a coral reef in Magnesian Limestone and what a view from the top! That is once we had huffed and puffed up the hill!

Easter Cross Tunstall Hills John looks out to sea Penshaw Monumnet and distant snow

Note the snow on the distant hills above!

But there was one more climb to the very top

Tunstall Hill Trig Point

We descended to the Albion and had a chance to check the football scores, not a good day for Sunderland fans, nor for me as Leeds were getting stuffed as well!

The Albion

We headed off to our main goal of the day which was not at a football ground, but at Ryhope Victorian Pumping station. Here there was a Classic car advertising the rally on Monday – A Ford Consul Classic complete with period fags in the window!

Ford Consul Classic

Times gone past

The Pumping Station

Ryhope Pumping station

Below are the pictures from the pumping station in full steam.

Pumping station wheels Levers at work Old Wash Basin Pumping Engine Pumping Station at work2 Pumping Station at work

Of course non of this was possible without the boiler room.

The Boiler House

Finally we had the pleasure of watching the Blacksmith at work at his forge.

Watching the Blacksmith Blacksmith's Forge Ryhope

Eventually we had to leave and head to the coast, but this was via Seaham Hall, famous for its association with Lord Byron. Any detail about Lord Byron’s life would take another 10 blogs, so it is a point of further research. Here is the Hall

At Seaham Hall

Seaham Hall2

As a footnote to those who listened to my ramblings, it was not Lord Byron re the Doppelganger, but Shelley…………

Finally a panorama from the Tunstall Hills


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Retired early and making the best of it. I like walking, photography and wildlife. I am also interested in local history and beer drinking.
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