Up early and a beautiful October morning, as we arrived at the Quayside in Newcastle for breakfast and a chat. Lots of the walking group regulars from a few years ago got together today to walk around 10 miles from the Quayside to Beamish via Causey Arch. The Quayside is always a delight, especially when the light is so good. Here are some pictures of what greeted us.




We crossed the Tyne and then headed west with more views.


A look back provided an excellent vista of the High level Bridge in all its glory.



We now walked on towards Dunstan Staithes, used to load coal onto ships and there were more photo opportunities.


Now it was time to head inland and we reached a reclaimed colliery area called Watergate wood and lake. There was a waterfall from the lake..


Causey Arch was one of the earliest single span bridges of its kind. Desperate to exploit the market in London for coal mine owners had to devise ways of getting their coal to the lucrative markets in the south. Wagon ways were built with horses drawing the wagons… like the one below


When the wagon way met a stream gorge then it had to be crossed, sometimes using new ideas.


Time to move on and to a convenient watering hole, The Black Horse. The manager had a problem and the 5 real ales were off, but he kindly offered to draw the pints from the barrel in the cellar – what a gent! There were still some flowers in the rockery too.


Now it was the final leg of the journey to Beamish Hall and the 10 real ales on offer , well it was an offer we could not refuse!


A short but demanding uphill walk took us to ‘the Shepard and Shepherdess’ pub where we had our evening meal before the journey home. I thought I was OK when I was travelling on the bus home, but when I got off I was walking like Douglas Bader!

PS A couple of pictures I missed out!

PPS Thanks for organising the walk John!



About chaddersatlarge

Retired early and making the best of it. I like walking, photography and wildlife. I am also interested in local history and beer drinking.
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