Low Newton

Bank Holiday and the prospect of crowds of people, so I decided on a late afternoon walk finishing around 8-00pm. Only just managed to get parked at Embleton, but from there on it was all sun with some great views and quiet beaches. From the golf club it was up the first sand dune and a catch up with a mate of mine from the holiday chalets, nestled in the dunes. Here was the view from there.

On through the dunes and there is a nice view to Low Newton and the pool.

You can just make out the coastguard house in the picture above. Once I reached there – well here is the view!

I took a slow walk through the links and dunes in the sun, finally reaching the tern hide and the Long Nanny bridge.

It was turn around time now and then I realised that everyone had gone home.

Not bad for a Bank Holiday weekend!

When I reached Newton Point again there was a great vista including Low Newton and a sailing dinghy that had pulled into shore.

As I walked further I noticed a gathering on the beach. What on earth were they doing?

I got nearer and it was still a puzzle?

Guessed what it is yet???!!!!

It was a ‘Beach Volcano’ contest. You build a great pile of sand. stick dry wood in the top and set it alight LOL Well it is England!

I had taken too long, but still time to take a few pictures before the light faded.

Not bad for a Bank Holiday Sunday and I will remember the late start next time!


About chaddersatlarge

Retired early and making the best of it. I like walking, photography and wildlife. I am also interested in local history and beer drinking.
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2 Responses to Low Newton

  1. Peter says:

    Great pics and read. Your best yet. Well done Ian. Beach volcano lol.

  2. Allan says:

    Great pics of the golf course, remember it well when I was a member for about 4 years until cost of petrol made the 100 mile round trip from Newcastle not viable anymore.

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