Hardwick Country Park Co Durham

A beautiful January day for a walk and to get the old knee working again. We started in Mainsforth and headed towards Bishop Middleham. Here there is a new wildlife reserve called Castle Lake with an impressive bird hide, so we called in to have a look.

A good selection of winter birds, including an impressive Great Crested grebe.

On we walked towards the Country Park and the first view of the temple on the hill.

We entered the grounds and explored the temple area

Then we had a great view over to the hall itself, which is now a Hotel.

There were also lots of birds by the lakes and a folly too.

Then we had a look around the Hall itself

At the back, where no one really wanders were the old stables, untouched from the 18th century!

On the walk back we saw three Short Eared Owls hunting and here is a record shot

Hardwick Hall – we will be back!


About chaddersatlarge

Retired early and making the best of it. I like walking, photography and wildlife. I am also interested in local history and beer drinking.
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4 Responses to Hardwick Country Park Co Durham

  1. Rothy says:

    Looks great I might go sometime, is it the new RSPB site up here? I went once to Hardwick Hall for Sunday Lunch about 35 years ago but cannot remember much about it.

  2. pWallace says:

    Good shot of the short eared owl. well done. I liked the folly type photos the best.and I thought Hardwick Hall was in Derbyshire. lol.

    Good blogg keep them coming.

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