Was I really dreaming?

Lying on a trolley I heard these words from the German anaesthetist, as he was flicking on the back of my hand with his fingernail “I am looking for zee vein”

“Flick, flick”

Chadders “I normally have big veins on the back of my hand”

Anaesthetist “Not at zis moment”

“Flick, flick…Ah I see it now! You may feel a small prick” (Hmm you don’t say!)


He must have put in two inches of needle! LOL

Chadders “I sometimes make noises in my sleep. I hope you will not think I am waking up”?

Anaesthetist “Zis is not like sleep – I am putting you into a coma!”

Oh Lord help me! LOL

It is a good job he did! Picture below

Amazingly three days later and it is nearly back to normal size. (You can see the three entry points)

There is no copyright on these pictures, so please feel free to use as desktop wallpaper etc!


About chaddersatlarge

Retired early and making the best of it. I like walking, photography and wildlife. I am also interested in local history and beer drinking.
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5 Responses to Was I really dreaming?

  1. Roger McGee says:

    Hi Chad

    Yes I can see it is down in size. Are you housebound – can you get to the phone if you are upstairs – have you got provisions in – how did you get back from the hospital?? Good blog!


  2. pWallace says:

    Nearly threw up when i saw the pictures but enjoyed the narration. Get well soon

  3. Terry Walls says:

    Quite impressive.
    Amazing how quickly you will heal.
    All the Best

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