Holy Island

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Today we were going into the Breamish valley, but the weather forecast was not good for the Cheviots, so we headed up the coast instead towards Holy Island or Lindisfarne.We parked just off the road, but you need to get the tides right doing this, otherwise your car will float off with the incoming tide!

The aim of the walk today was to find some different places and get away from the crowds. We headed out of the village. It is one of those things that 60% of the visitors here just walk around the village and to the castle, so avoiding these places is a good start. Leaving the streets we got to the parish church of St Mary’s and then our first objective came into view- the rocky tidal island that holds St Cuthbert’s Chapel.

A quick scramble over the rocks and we were there. By the cross on the island are the remains of a medieval chapel.

We wandered back and up to the top of the Heugh. At last the sun came out and this gave us some great views.

From here we kept to the ridge and arrived at the ruins of the seventeenth century fort.

Looking back we got some views of the village as well.

Now it was time to drop back down to the harbour area. There are still fishing boats here, but the herring fleet is long gone.

Some of the old herring boats have been adapted to other uses.

The castle was in front of us now.

We avoided the crowds by skirting around the castle and walking along the coast along the old wagon-way that carried coal to the limekiln. After a while we reached Holy Island Lough(lake) and the bird hide. After settling down, a female Sparrowhawk appeared and gave some great views as it hunted along the edge of the reeds.

We moved on to a lonely part of the Island past Emmanuel Head, called Nessend. It is here where hundreds of Mesolithic flints were found as the quarry was worked.

We tried to find a scraper or two but were thwarted once again.

By now it was very quiet and there were fine views over a deserted beach to the headland.

Finally the day had to end and it was the long walk back to the car


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Retired early and making the best of it. I like walking, photography and wildlife. I am also interested in local history and beer drinking.
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