Craster Circular

A walk on my own today and one of my favourites. It starts at the free parking near Seahouses Farm, just to the south of Craster. The first landmark is Earl Grey’s Bathing House.

As soon as you hit the coast, you can see the next objective.

A short walk along the track to the north brings you to Cullernose Point, quiet now, but in late spring host to hundreds of nesting Kittiwakes.

Around the point and on to Craster, a picturesque fishing village, famous for its kippers

The harbour now has no herring boats, but there are a few fishermen still there.

There is still an active smoke house in Craster and there is nothing like the smell of the oak smoke as it wafts down the road. If you want kippers, this is the place!

As you leave Craster, there are great views of Dunstanburgh Castle to the north and the walk goes right around it.

The walk now goes along the edge of the golf course and we leave the coast to move inland via Dunstan Steads.

Down a road now for a short while until we reach Shirewater Mill and its lovely garden. Here we take the footpath across the fields.

There is a footpath that is parallel to the coast and the harvesters were out.

In the picture below look at the top of the hill. These are the two buildings that made up Craster Chain Home Low radar station which opened in 1939 to detect German bombing raids.

Branching off to the right we come to Proctor Steads, now a caravan site and the impressive Dunstan Hall, with the early medieval Pele tower still attached. You can now rent the whole building for £1,245 per four days in September. It sleeps 18 – just the job for those college reunions!

The walk now passes through the village of Dunstan and along a short footpath to Craster Towers (haunted) and the stone gateway.

Another little stretch along the road and it is on another footpath around the back of Hips Heugh. Here I met jasper, a Golden Retriever I had not seen for 3 years.

There was also a Red Admiral on the path, a sign that Autumn is still here – just!

Now I skirted Howick Hall, home of Earl Grey and now a splendid garden and grounds. Then back to the car. It had taken me a long time on my dodgy knee, but the walk was pain free and I must have covered nearly 8 miles.

End of the day!


About chaddersatlarge

Retired early and making the best of it. I like walking, photography and wildlife. I am also interested in local history and beer drinking.
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2 Responses to Craster Circular

  1. Barry Senior says:

    Nice photoset. It looks like a nice walk. I’ve hardly seen any butterflies this year.
    Thank you.

  2. Roger McGee says:

    What evidence is there that Craster Towers is haunted? Lovely pictures I know this walk well , of course and wish I lived up there. You’ll see why when you check out Worcester Evening News website for Thursday eve (last nights news about events on Wednesday)

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